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One of the best selling frame designs that we manufacture, our acrylic frames are fabricated in two different styles. For frames under about 24" in length, we create a "U" shaped frame with two long sides heat bent at 90 degree angles that then have two end cap pieces and a back chemically attached. The bent edges make for a very strong, yet visually appealing, display of whatever is inside it. We can add metal sculptures within, or almost anything else that helps enhance the specimens inside. The other type of frame that can be fabricated involves cutting and gluing a front, back, and four sides together, creating a frame of larger dimensions. Depending on the size of the frame, we use different thicknesses of clear acrylic, and have also used frosted acrylic to create a diffused look. The frosted acrylic can allow for the frame to have a colored glow if colored lighting is used. 


Our newest custom made frame with over 100 quality butterflies from all over the world. This beautiful Acrylic frame measures 7 feet x 20 inches x 3 inches deep, and has a 50 inch metal sculpture within. A lucky architect and his family have this wonderful frame hanging above the bed in the master bedroom.

The following are a variety of different acrylic frames that have been created over the last few years.

Frame with peacock feathers.


Multi-layered butterflies


A circle of butterflies.


A few other items in acrylic frames

papilio blumei in lucite_edited.jpg
WIX shop product image_edited_edited.jpg
papilio glaucus 1.JPG
monarch pair_edited.jpg
papilio dardanus_edited.jpg

Fruit bat frames in acrylic

Hipposideros larvatus pic 1_edited.jpg
DSCN8990 (2)_edited.jpg

Blue and pearl butterflies with crystals.

sunset moth_edited.jpg
morpho didius_edited.jpg
DSCN9467 (2)_edited.jpg
BAT 3 PIC 1_edited.jpg
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