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Welcome to the website of Butterflies 'n things, a division of Schubach's.   We specialize in framed preserved natural butterfly specimens from all corners of the world. With over 40 years of combined experience, our artwork has received compliments from many experts in the field and sells in numerous gift shops and galleries throughout the country.

Many times, people say to us, "Can they be real? They look so perfect. "Our response is you are seeing many years of experience working with butterflies! The butterflies we work with are A1 quality, and have been raised on butterfly farms where they are allowed to die of natural causes, before being gathered. We import butterflies from South America, Africa, Indo- Australia,and Asia. Custom frames can be created in almost any size or frame type. To date the largest custom frames created were 2'x3' in double glass and also clear acrylic. This size can hold 50+ butterflies of medium to large size

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